Opus Multicrease

Opus creasing system

Provides multiple benefits

Within its range of accessories, Mümken Sales offers two creasing systems from Opus. As the name “multicrease” suggests, they can not just be used for creasing. The two Multicrease 30 and Multicrease 52 models differ in their maximum working widths of 300 mm and 510 mm. Both have a scale and stops fitted to enable working with millimetre accuracy.

They are ideal for creasing of sturdier paper with a high grammage, such as greeting cards, for the production of soft covers and for other value-added image products. Creasing the sheet prevents ugly breaks in colour and paper at the folded edges. Furthermore, it makes it easier to both fold and open the product.

Fitted with system accessories, such as punch cutters, the Multicrease can also be used for cutting, as a window die-cut or to produce individual beer coasters – as described in “Imaging Markt”, Edition 1/2-2015, page 62. Corners of photo book pages and covers can also be rounded off using suitable accessories.