Biometric passport photographs

Easy, efficient, lucrative

Mümken Sales offers the “ID-Photos Pro“ software for passport photographs from Pixel Tech - an extremely practical, easy to handle and fast software that can “create” much more than just biometrically correct passport photographs. The dongle-protected program includes countless image versions of over 50 countries. It has more than a dozen stored on it for Germany alone. It therefore delivers correct pictures for ID cards, passports, visas, the electronic heath card and for employment applications. Thanks to its stored layouts, it is easy to create “standard-compliant” ID pictures. After the picture is taken, it can either be transferred to the computer on which the software is installed by direct Wi-Fi network or WLAN-interface, or manually using a memory card. The Noritsu “EZ Controller” PC can be used for this, but also a computer in the photo studio, in a shop or in an office.

After selecting the country – for instance Germany– and the image type, e.g. “Biometric passport photo”, an overview pops-up of the pictures taken previously. You select the required picture from this. Equipped with facial recognition, the software automatically selects a “standard-compliant” detail of the face. If the image complies to the specifications, the passport picture is automatically optimized by the software and displayed correctly. When taking pictures, make sure that there is sufficient space above and below the facial image to move and fit it. The software places a template over the face so you can check it and make any required corrections. If necessary, the facial image can be tilted or moved and the and the position of the detail and size can be adjusted. These changes can of course be made both automatically and manually. Any deviations from the specified standard are clearly marked at the corresponding locations in the image with exclamation marks. The alerts disappear once sufficient corrections are made. After this you can use the program to change the contrast, colour and sharpness of the image, and make some touch-ups such as removing skin ­impurities or smoothing wrinkles.

Alternatively, you can also optimize the standard-compliant image prepared in IdPhotos Plus with another image processing program. IdPhotos Plus can store the image, or activate a printer. Before output, the program allows you to select from numerous package set layouts. For instance, you can mix static biometric pictures with more respectable mini portraits in passport picture format or make an attractive set of 10 × 15-cm prints for the passport picture customer. This allows you to combine passport and application photos. In addition to the many set variations already contained in the program, the photographer/photographic retailer can expand the program with his own, self-created set layouts. If you keep to the minimum standards when photographing the passport picture customer, you will quickly get correct passport pictures using IdPhotos Pro.. A short video conveys a good impression of the software (click here). Convinced by IdPhotos Pro, DITMS offers the program in a bundle with QSS Printer Driver. This also includes phone support from Mümken Sales. The QSS driver is required for convenient direct output of the pictures on Noritsu devices.