High Photo Transfer software

“High Photo Transfer”, abbr.‚ “HPT” is the software that performs your virtual service from job acceptance right up to image output at Noritsu processing devices. You can effectively do nothing without this system software, introduced on the market by Noritsu in 2007 and continuously developed by Mümken Sales since 2011. It is comprised of two applications: “Photo & Book” for consumers and “Lab 2” for job administration and production control, reserved exclusively for self-processors who process their images using Noritsu devices.

“Photo & Book” is installed by consumers once on their PC at home to compose image jobs and to order pictures and value-added image products from their photographic retailer via the internet. Consumers will find the exact same version of “Photo & Book” at the customer terminal of their photographic retailer. The identical GUI makes it significantly easier for the customer to order pictures and photo books. “Photo & Book” is intentionally not browser-based so that the user can design his/her photo book/value-added image products unhurriedly offline. This can even be done in stages. Even a system crash poses no dilemma. Quite the opposite - after re-starting their computer, customers can keep working exactly where they involuntarily left off, because all actions are registered by the program and automatically stored every 15 seconds. Consumers can transfer the finished picture/photo book job online, or – if previously stored on a data medium – can hand it in personally to their photo retailer for processing.

Using online ordering, “Photo & Book” ensures that the customer’s image and order data only arrives at the photographic retailer that has given the “Photo & Book“ software to the customer. The “key-lock method” of the code integrated into “Photo & Book” ensures unique mutual identification of the customer and the retailer. Because many consumers only create photo books or order pictures from time to time, it is to their advantage when layout and ordering is done “as accustomed” without any trouble. Especially because the program is not overflowing with interwoven features, but contains all of the important layout and order features, both the novice and the photographic amateur that just use it from time to time can easily master it quickly and without fuss.

Naturally, all of the benefits provided by the “HTP” system can be embedded in the in-house receiving stations via local, in-house networks, as well as in the terminals in the shops via the internet. The “Lab 2” job administration and control software is installed at the self-processing photographic retailer on the “EZ Controller” (workstation computer) of the Noritsu device or on a separate PC. “Lab 2” has scores of features. The administration software creates the customer software “Photo & Book” and generates the above-mentioned key-code. However, it also receives all photographic job orders. And this includes both those incoming from in-house terminals and those transferred online. “Lab 2W” transfers the incoming work to the “EZ-Controller” which then feeds the connected Noritsu processing device(s). This can be done smoothly both automatically or manually – just as the processing itself – because “HPT” uses native system Noritsu device products. The “HPT” software is also compatible with all Noritsu inkjet labs from dDP-411 and with all all-digital Noritsu-QSS wet models from Series 28. Transfer to some third-party processing devices is also possible – for example to some Epson LFP models – although this must be carried out manually by the operator. “Lab 2” even allows offers to be designed selectively, for instance for special offers, special buyer groups such as public authorities or for other commercial customers. Furthermore, the “Lab 2” administration software supports the retailer in managing its own job and production statistics, allows various payments options to be installed, and finally, even facilitates the specialist photographic retailer in running individual promotion for his print business.