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Smart Picture Creation, EZ Controller, AccuSmart, ID PhotoPro,
QSS Printer Driver


Dry labs, photochemical labs, film scanners, thermal sublimation printers, customer terminals

Further processing

Devices and aids for the production of individual photo books, photo calendars and other value-added image products


Noritsu inkjet paper, Noritsu inks, coloured foils for the Noritsu IP64 Thermosub Printer and other consumables

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EZ controller

Please contact our Technical Support: support@ditms.de.


Please contact our Technical Support: support@ditms.de.


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Imaging Markt

  • Diversifikation aktuell
    Entscheidungsfreudig: Fine Art Photographie Nicoletti, Schongau im Allgäu
  • Kooperation VST
    Werte-Gemeinschaft: VST und Noritsu/Mümken Sales
  • Händlergespräch aktuell
    Anziehungspunkt: Foto Kruse, Paderborn
  • Fotofachhandel aktuell
    Platzhirsch im Elbe-Weser-Dreieck: Ringfoto Schattke, Cuxhaven
  • Fachgeschäft aktuelle
    Zweigleisig: Schöner – Fotoexpress – Vodafone im Lindaupark in Lindau
  • Kooperation Color Drack
    Fruchtbare Partnerschaft: Color Drack, Schwarzach/Österreich
  • more …

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About us

Exclusive Noritsu reseller

Since the beginning of 2011, legally independent Dipl-Ing. Thomas Mümken Sales GmbH, Hünxe has been the sole authorized Noritsu reseller for the sale of inkjet labs, photochemical labs and original Noritsu consumables for Noritsu dry labs. Over 30 European countries are included in the sales area, including the DACH region consisting of Germany, Austria and all of Switzerland.

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Service and repairs for Noritsu

As the sole licensed Noritsu Service contract partner, Veritek GmbH located in Willich, Germany, has been providing service for Noritsu devices since 2010. Its range of services include installation and repair of all Noritsu devices, supply of replacement parts and a Service hotline.

Veritek, an autonomous legal entity, integrated the former Noritsu technicians in 2010. The Support department of Dipl.-Ing. Mümken Sales GmbH is active in the area of individual quality management and the further development of software and peripheral devices.