Noritsu Dry Minilabs

The current Noritsu dry labs work exclusively using inkjet technology. Some models are also duplex-ready and can therefore print on both sides. As a result, they are ideally suited for value-added photo products as well as conventional image production.

Noritsu QSS Green Pro

Noritsu QSS Green Duplex

Noritsu QSS Green III

Noritsu QSS Green IV

Noritsu D502

Customer terminal

The focus in the image and value-added photo market of the specialist photographic trade is the customer terminal. It is used by the client in preparing orders and for data transfer to the output device(s) of the photographic retailer.

Customer Terminal

Noritsu Digital Minilabs

Photochemical wet labs are in demand for volume production of images. Noritsu offers three different models that are used without exception by specialist laboratories, for example in school and kindergarten photography and for image production.

Noritsu QSS-3901 G

Noritsu QSS-3901 G

Thermal sublimation printer

The CP-D90DW thermal sublimation printer is extremely well-suited for fast, occasional production of single or small amounts of images. It is fast, prints images in good quality and is an ideal addition to the dry lab of the specialist photographic retailer.


Noritsu film scanner

Consumers still come to specialist photographic retailers with negatives and slides. To digitize or further process this analogue material, it is best if the self-processing specialist photographic retailer uses a film scanner from the Noritsu range.

Noritsu LS-600/LS-1100

Noritsu HS-1800